Powerland Halloween: Pirates of the Portal Stone
Family Friendly

Pirate Halloween

Join the Oregon Electric Railway Historic Society for its new Halloween event, “Pirates of the Portal Stone.”  

Saturdays and Sundays – October 2021.

Powerland Halloween Adventure
Pirate Portal

Your Adventure Includes...

Price: $15 Per Person

Ride a Trolley

Ride a Real Trolley

Ride a real trolley to "Yellowbone National Park" in search of the Portal Stone which will bring the Pirate Community back!

Spooky Trolley

Explore the "Spooky" Trolley Barn

Strange paranormal things have come through portals in the trolley barn. See what's there then use the portal stone to return them to their "home."

Pirate Pumkin Patch

Pirate Pumpkin Patch

Succeed in bringing the pirates back and you will be granted access to the Pirate Pumpkin Patch where you can take a pumpkin home (included in price).

Powerland Halloween Poster

The Backstory...

Pirates of the Portal Stone is a story adventure where you help a pirate find a stone that will bring back the pirate community that was swallowed by a portal during a total eclipse in the 1778…

During the solar eclipse in Oregon on August 21, 2017, new portals opened bringing strange paranormal things onto the trolleys at Powerland Heritage Park. A powerful wizard came up with a plan and turned herself into a portal stone. Now you, along with a pirate, must bring that portal stone to its proper location where everything will be restored to normal!

Minutes the Adventure Lasts
Decorated Trolleys
# of Feet Trolley Travels

Gallery: Building The Adventure for You

A ghost with a warning... Beware
Strange Spiders Take Over a Trolley (work in progress)
Jumping Spider
Gene tests the jumping spider (scares are minimal)
Electric Bill
Electric "Bill" Prepares the Electricity Car (early work in progress)
The First Parrot Lands on the Tiki Car
Pirate Caboose
The pirate caboose (early work in progress)
Fortune Teller
The Fortune Teller tells you about your quest.
Polly Want Some Gold!
Polly Wants Some Gold!
You will ride in a historic trolley, like this one that was built in 1928 and operated in Blackpool, England!

Pirates of the Portal Stone FAQ

The experience involves a preshow at the trolley station, a trolley ride to Yellowbone National Park, a walking tour of the “spooky” trolley barn, and access to the Pirate Pumpkin Patch where kids can select a pumpkin to take home.

The whole experience is approximately 30-40 minutes.

We will follow whatever protocols are recommended by the Oregon Health Authority at the time of the event.

We try to minimize scares as we see this more of a family-friendly Halloween adventure story that you are part of. With that said there is one part where a fake spider may jump out at you. It’s likely to cause adults to jump more than kids since it takes place above your head (see a picture of it in the gallery above).

There are no clowns in this Pirates of the Portal Stone adventure story.

There are some fast moving colored lights in a celebratory scene near the end of the adventure. There are also some flickering LED lights. There are no hard strobe lights, however.

Yes, we are! We have been busy buying and making props for this adventure, but we always welcome more that fits our theme. We are in particular need of skeleton props, pirate props, fake cannons, scarecrow props, and non-strobe lighting effects.

People who make a donation of props to the event (or volunteer – see next question) are given VIP tickets for Saturday, October 30, which provides the experience followed by a behind-the-scenes tour. Prop donations and volunteering are the only way to get VIP tickets. They are not sold to the public.

If you have Halloween props you would like to donate (and your donation of props is tax deductible), contact Joe Tracy via jtracy@themeparkmagazine.com with a list of things you’re willing to donate.

If you live Salem, Oregon or even Portland Metro area and would like to volunteer for this event as a Pirate actor or to help behind-the-scenes, please contact Joe Tracy via jtracy@themeparkmagazine.com

All minors must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Yes! In fact, we encourage it. Whether a pirate or anything else, dressing up will make it more fun.

And before you ask, yes, adults can dress up too!

For this year, all tickets must be purchased online. There will be no in-person ticket sales. You can buy tickets here.

Yes. They are also historical. Read more about them at http://museum.oregontrolley.com/. The double-decker trolley scheduled to run during the Pirates of the Portal Stone Halloween event used to run in Blackpool, England. It was the last trolley/tram to operate out of the Morton Depot in 1960. It was originally built in 1928. So you will be riding on a trolley/tram that is nearing its 100-year anniversary! Note: The upper deck of the trolley will be closed for the event. Sometimes, due to a mechanical issue, another historic trolley will be used.

This is our 1st Annual Halloween event, so you are getting in on the ground floor! This is planned as an annual event with the story changing every year.