Powerland Halloween

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Wizard and Dragon

Powerland Halloween: Willamette Wizards Academy is a non-scary magical Halloween Adventure for Families with Kids! It takes place weekends in October at Powerland Heritage Park in Salem, Oregon.


“We went to Wizard Academy this weekend, and the girls had a blast! What a magical day! This was an experience she’ll never forget!”

- amycait22 on Instagram -

Double Decker Trolley - Powerland Halloween

Trolley Ride

Ride a double-decker trolley from Blackpool, England, in your quest to get a dragon egg from some gnomes that stole it!

Story Adventure

Story Quest

Go by the Curiosities Shop, Red Electric Cafe, Magical Trolley Forest, and the Land of the Fairies to get to the dragon’s lair!

Fairy pumpkins

If you can successfully return the egg to the dragon’s lair, the dragon may grant you access to the Fairy Pumpkin Patch!

Kids get a wand, trolley ride, and story adventure!

A Unique Family Halloween Adventure

There are so many haunted houses aimed to scare teens and adults. We decided to be different. We’re not a haunted house. Powerland Halloween is a fun interactive Halloween adventure for families and kids! It’s an adventure you can see, hear, and smell. Join us for Powerland Halloween: Willamette Wizards Academy!

Ride a Trolley!

Get a Wand!

Visit Fairyland!

Fairy Pumpkins!


You are invited to tour Willamette Wizards Academy as prospective future students. However, while there, the great Wizard Evanora appears and sends you on an urgent quest to recover a rare tiny dragon egg that was taken by some mischievous gnomes! Are you up to the quest?

Your 30-minute adventure includes a look at the “Wizards Museum,” a training wand, a ride on a trolley, and an interactive story adventure. Kids can also select a small pumpkin to take home from our indoor Pumpkin Patch!

There are many scary haunted houses, but few fun Halloween adventures for kids. We are changing that. 

What People are Saying

“It’s going to be AWESOME! Love the creativity behind this fun event.”
PDX Parent in Facebook Comment
“This was an experience she’ll never forget!”
amycait22 on Instagram
“Thank you so much! We came on Saturday and our two boys and my husband and I had a great time!”
Beth W.

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