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Powerland Halloween 2023

Powerland Halloween 2023 is a non-scary and kid-friendly Halloween Adventure for families! It takes place weekends in October at Powerland Heritage Park in Salem, Oregon. The cost ($18 adults, $14 kids) includes the Journey to Atlantis adventure, unlimited trolley rides, the new Kids’ Activity Center, rides on a wagon being pulled by a steam traction engine, a small pumpkin, and more!

Dates:  Oct 28/29

Time: 10 am – 4 pm

Powerland Heritage Park
3995 Brooklake Rd NE, Salem, OR 97303 (I-5, exit 263) 

Journey to Atlantis

You are invited to a “Halloween Celebration” at the Salem Time Travel Institute. However, while there, you learn that the Lost City of Atlantis is losing its shield! In order to survive, you’ll have to travel through a “time tunnel” and take a power crystal to Atlantis so they can repower their shields! 

NEW: After your 20-minute Journey to Atlantis adventure, you’ll find lots of fun things to do! Go on a “Skeleton Hunt” on a double-decker trolley! Visit our new activity center! After you get your pumpkin at our pumpkin patch, you can decorate it too! 

There are many scary haunted houses, but few fun Halloween adventures for kids. We are changing that. 


(2022) “We went to Wizard Academy this weekend, and the girls had a blast! What a magical day! This was an experience she’ll never forget!”

- amycait22 on Instagram -

Double Decker Trolley - Powerland Halloween

Trolley Ride

Ride a double-decker trolley from Blackpool, England! Go on a “skeleton hunt” to find skeletons that got lost on their way to a dance!

Journey to Atlantis

Story Quest

Visit the Salem Time Travel Institute and come in costume! While there, you may be sent on a time travel quest to save the Lost City of Atlantis!

Pumpkin Decorating at Powerland Halloween

More Activities

This year we are expanding! Not only will you get to do the story adventure and pumpkins, but there is an activity center and Steam Traction Engine wagon rides!


A Unique Family Halloween Adventure

There are so many haunted houses aimed to scare teens and adults. We decided to be different. We’re not a haunted house. Powerland Halloween is a fun interactive Halloween adventure for families and kids! It’s an adventure you can see, hear, and smell. Join us for Powerland Halloween: Journey to Atlantis!

Ride a Trolley!

Discover Atantis!

New: Activities!

Pumpkin Patch!

What People are Saying

“It’s going to be AWESOME! Love the creativity behind this fun event.”
PDX Parent in Facebook Comment
“This was an experience she’ll never forget!”
amycait22 on Instagram
“Thank you so much! We came on Saturday and our two boys and my husband and I had a great time!”
Beth W.

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