Powerland Halloween

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Powerland Halloween launched in 2021. It had long been an idea of Oregon Electric Railway Historical Society’s president Gene Fabryka. 

The event coordinator is Theme Park Magazine editor Joe Tracy, who wanted to make the event immersive… like a story-based theme park attraction (without the budget of one, of course). 

Volunteers for the Oregon Electric Railway Museum spend hundreds of hours every year preparing for the event. We spend most of that time decorating trolleys in the trolley barn to match up with the story and theme. 

About Powerland Halloween
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A Unique Family Experience

Powerland Halloween was designed as an immersive experience. There are no other known family-friendly story-based Halloween events like this in Oregon that we are aware of. The experience takes advantage of several senses, including sight, sound, and smell.

Every year is a different story. The first year, 2021, was a pirate adventure called “Powerland Halloween: Pirates of the Portal Stone.” 

This year is a wizard adventure, “Powerland Halloween: Willamette Wizards Academy.”

As part of the fun, we leave “Easter eggs” for those who attended previous events to discover.

“The total-volunteer-run event clearly took a lot of effort”

- Karen C. on Yelp (5 stars) -

Powerland Halloween Volunteers

Part of the Powerland Halloween: Willamette Wizards Academy Team