Welcome Prospective Wizards!

Powerland Halloween: Willamette Wizards Academy is a non-scary 2022 Halloween adventure for kids and families.

You have been invited to tour Willamette Wizards Academy as prospective future students. However, while there, the great Wizard Evanora appears and sends you on an urgent quest to recover a rare tiny dragon egg that was taken by some mischievous gnomes! Are you up to the quest?

Your 30-minute adventure includes a look at the “Wizards Museum,” a training wand, a ride on a trolley, and an interactive story adventure. Kids can also select a small pumpkin to take home from our indoor Pumpkin Patch! 

There are many scary haunted houses, but few fun Halloween adventures for kids. We are changing that. Join us for our second year of Powerland Halloween! 

Powerland Halloween

A Few Images from Last Year:


Below are popular questions and answers about this year’s
Powerland Halloween: Willamette Wizards Academy event.

Tickets are $16 per person (under two is free and does not require a ticket) and may be purchased online here.

Tickets are sold only online (click here) because each group is limited to 18 people every 30 minutes.

The whole experience is approximately 30 minutes.

The experience involves a self-guided tour of the “Wizard Museum,” a pre-show with the Wizard professor, a trolley ride to the mischievous gnomes to retreive a rare dragon egg, and a trolley barn tour through the Magical Trolley Forest and Land of the Fairies. 

Our event is labeled as a G/PG family-friendly event. While we recommended ages four and up, we have had younger go through the event and greatly enjoy it.

Please plan on arriving at least 15 minutes before your start time. Each experience is limited to 18 people, therefore it’s vital to be early so that you don’t miss your scheduled run. 

We encourage you and your kids to come in costume (as a wizard or anything else) and really get into the story. Families who really get into the story are the ones that have the most amount of fun.

Argh, matey! It’s great to see you again!

Last year’s event was a pirate adventure and guests went on an adventure to rescue a pirate community.

This year is a wizard adventure and guests will be sent on a quest to rescue a rare dragon egg stolen by some gnomes.  

While the story is different, you will see one familiar face from last year! But we won’t tell you who as not to spoil the surprise. 🙂 

Also different is that the trolley ride starts in a different location giving you a different perspective!

Masks are optional for both guests and actors.

If you live Salem, Oregon or even Portland Metro area and would like to volunteer for this event as a Wizard actor or to help behind-the-scenes, please contact Joe Tracy via jtracy@themeparkmagazine.com

Proceeds go to the non-profit Oregon Electric Railway Museum. Your purchase will help us restore our collection of trolleys, build and maintain track, and help our museum grow so you can ride more trolleys in the future. 

Yes. They are also historical. Read more about them at http://museum.oregontrolley.com/. The double-decker trolley scheduled to run during Powerland Halloween: Willamette Wizards Academy used to run in Blackpool, England. It was the last trolley/tram to operate out of the Morton Depot in 1960. It was originally built in 1928. So you will be riding on a trolley/tram that is nearing its 100-year anniversary!

And for those who went last year, good news… this year the top floor of the trolley will be open! 

Note: Sometimes, due to a mechanical issue, another historic trolley will be used.

Due to the build of the historic trollies, they are not wheelchair accessible. However, the first part of the event is as is the trolley barn (the highlight of the event). 

If you require any special assistance please let us know when you arrive and we’ll be more than glad to help.

The entire event is built as a family-friendly and kid-friendly event. We work hard to make sure there are not scary elements. There is, in part, a dragon, but it is a friendly dragon. 

The trolley barn is dark with lights that enhance scenes and illuminate the path.

We do! We love putting on this very unique family-friendly Halloween event. One of our favorite parts is when people enter the trolley barn for the first time and go “wow.”

You definitely can buy out the entire trolley/time slot for your family. We had some people do this last year. Simply find a time slot that has 18 tickets left and buy all 18 tickets. Your entire experience will then be just for your group. If there is no time slot with 18 tickets available, contact jtracy@themeparkmagazine.com and we may be able to add an extra time slot for you and your family.

Location and Dates

Powerland Halloween

Powerland Halloween takes place at Powerland Heritage Park, a 62-acre site just North of Salem off of I-5 exit 263. 

Sat/Sun October 8-9

Powerland Halloween

Sat/Sun October 15-16

Powerland Halloween

Sat/Sun October 22-23

Powerland Halloween

Sat/Sun October 29-30

Powerland Halloween


Powerland Halloween

Powerland Halloween is an annual interactive story adventure for kids and families. The event was launched in 2021 with an interactive story adventure titled Pirates of the Portal Stone. This year families can enjoy a new story interactive story with wizards, fairies, a magical forest, and a dragon! There’s something for everyone at Powerland Halloween!

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Powerland Halloween

Reservations Required

Tickets are required in advance for the event and are limited to groups of 18 people every 30 minutes.

The event occurs every Saturday and Sunday in October and you can select your time slot.

Click here to go to the ticket page. Tickets are limited!